What Products Should I Sell in My Barbershop?

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Wholesale-Barbershop-Products-MainGuys aren’t great at grooming. Ask any experienced barber, accustomed to helping clean up the mess men make of themselves day in and day out, and he’ll tell you: looking after their appearance is just not something that comes naturally to most guys.

This is why a barber is such an important figure in a man’s life. Sure, most of the time he might be content with the odd shampoo or cursory shave, but put a job interview or first date in front of him, and suddenly, he’ll make it your job to undo days or even weeks of personal neglect.

And when that day comes, you need to be ready. We’re talking battle-ready, with every possible weapon of mess-destruction in your utility belt, prepared to wage war against dry and damaged hair, tangled beards, furry necks, lengthy sideburns, unkempt eyebrows, and even untrimmed, untidy forests of ear hair.

Yup, men aren’t great at grooming – which is why they look to you, their barber, as a miracle worker, armed with rare skills, expert insights and years of diligent training, ready and waiting to get them looking great, and feeling even better, in no time at all.


Your secret weapon: the right products. Knowing which hair and beard grooming products work best, and why, will keep your customers coming back for more.

Take a look around and ask, What products should I sell in my barbershop? Do you have what it takes to turn cavemen into cultured gents? Here’s how to ensure you meet their exacting expectations, every time.

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 5 Essential Items You Should Sell in Your Barbershop

What’s the one reason most men ignore their grooming needs? It’s not because they can’t see what’s wrong, as they know their bodies better than anyone, and it’s not because they simply don’t care, as you know when they run to your shop for help. No, it’s because they don’t have the tools.

Give a guy a jar of pomade or eyedropper of beard oil to go what that new look, and chances are he’ll ask, What’s this for? His cluelessness is your cue: stock up on the best products, explain what they do and show them how well they work, and you’ll be doing a public service.

So what products should you sell in your barbershop or salon? Let’s take a look at the hair and beard savers most guys don’t know a thing about.

1. Pomade 

A quality pomade will help replicate the effect of great-looking, just-been-cut hair every day. Look for a water-based product that can be washed out with damaging the follicles, while offering high shine and a firm hold.

2. Texture Paste

Any great look will deteriorate through the day – but gel or hair cream will only make this problem worse, leading to clumping and flaking. A plant-based paste, with ingredients like beeswax, lanolin and glycerin, will solve both issues at once, helping to maintain a natural, healthy flexibility and style.

3. Beard Balm

Guys love beards because, supposedly, they don’t take much work – and this is how they end up with dry and tangled whiskers that are impossible to control. Help them out by pointing out a good, all-natural beard oil: think ingredients like essential oils, beeswax and shea butter, and scent that brings back memories of the mountains.

4. Beard Oil

The number one mistake men make when growing out a poorly maintained beard: shaving it off. And you can understand why: a dry and scruffy beard can itch like crazy. The right oil will keep the area hydrated and make sure the follicles are well-fed, eliminating the irritation. 

5. All-In-One Shower Wash

Our all-in-one wash will provide you will a consistent sensory profile so you'll never have to worry about inconsistent performance again.divider

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